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EA sucks: Crysis gerusht? -Hier der Auszug:EA sucks
Posted by Chrissyx – 04.12.2007 – 00:00 Uhr – Kategorie: EA sucks
The big publishers, such as Electronic Arts, mainly focus getting the most money back from a game, and Crysis was no exception.
We heard a funny story that Crytek was developing and improving the game releases until the last minute, and at one point Electronic Arts simply said that this will be the shipping release, as otherwise we will miss the holiday sales. If it was up to Crytek the game would probably have had to wait for a week or five.
Currently, there is more than one patch that the company is working on, as there are so many things that need to be fixed, sped up and improved. The new patch is expected any day now, but we are at the end of the game, and won’t help us much.
You know what the slogan says, "EA, it's in the game." In the real world, 21st century digital capitalism, it should sound something like, "EA, it's all about the money."

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