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Ich schau immer noch paar mal die Woche vorbei :)

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Selbst ich schau immer mal wieder vorbei...sofern die Antwort so'n halbes Jahr später wohl auch keiner mehr liest. ;)

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hab dich durch deine games convention fotos gefunden! danke freut mich echt das man noch was findet.. war ne geile messe :)

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C&C Tiberium cancelled!C&C
Posted by Chrissyx – 01.10.2008 – 15:51 Uhr – Kategorie: C&C
Heute wurde bekannt, dass EA den C&C Shooter "Tiberium" eingestellt hat! Warum das im Gegensatz zu Renegade 2 eine eher gute Nachricht ist? Dieser ganze Tiberium-ist-kein-C&C-spielt-aber-in-dessen-Universum-und-daher-eigenes-Label-EA-Logik-FTW Quark hat damit endlich ein Ende. Darüber hinaus gibt's ein C&C Spiel weniger, was EA hätte potenziell versauen können:

While Electronic Arts declined to comment on the memo, they did verify that the game has been killed.
"EA has suspended work on Tiberium effective immediately," said Mariam Sughayer, EA spokesperson. "The game was not on track to meet the high quality standards set by the team and by the EA Games Label. A lower quality game is not in the best interest of the consumers and would not succeed in this market.
"This decision will result in some individuals being released. However, EA will make every effort to place talented people on other projects. Eligible employees will receive severance and outplacement support."
Sughayer added that EA LA is home to several units of the company including EA Mobile, EA Casual Entertainment Headquarters, EA’s Global Online group and others. At the EA Games Label studio in that facility, developers there are creating Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, a series of titles in development with Steven Spielberg, and other games which have not yet been announced.

Ich weine C&C Tiberium jedenfalls keine Träne hinterher. Was bleibt, sind ein Paar Videos und ein Haufen Screenshots, die ihr hier alle nochmal bewundern könnt. Das volle Memo von Mike Verdu gibt's unter Weiterlesen!
Internes Memo von Mike Verdu:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce an end to all work on Tiberium effective immediately. I've consulted with Nick Earl and Frank Gibeau at the EA Games Label and together we have reached the conclusion that given the time and resources remaining, we will not be able to deliver this product to an appropriate level of quality.

The game had fundamental design challenges from the start. We fought to correct the issues, but we were not successful; the game just isn't coming together well enough to meet our own quality expectations as well as those of our consumers.

Unfortunately, this action will result in several individuals on the team being released. We will make every effort to place affected individuals on projects within the studio – and where that isn't possible, to connect them with opportunities in other teams at EA.

This is the right move for the studio and the company, but it's particularly hard for me because of the impact it will have on our people. Many individuals contributed their time and talents to this game. I spent time in the trenches with them and I was continually impressed by their work.

Moving forward, we need to make sure this doesn't happen again. I believe we are already doing a better job of engineering success in from the start. The quality bar has been raised. Now we need to step up our focus on great design and execution, catching any problems early and correcting them quickly.

We will strive to live up to our values: To make great games, treat people right, keep our commitments, and grow our business.

Mike Verdu
5510 Lincoln Blvd
Playa Vista, CA 90094


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