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m am 07.06.2017 um 23:27:46:
Ich schau immer noch paar mal die Woche vorbei :)

Stevelyn am 06.10.2017 um 12:41:44:
Selbst ich schau immer mal wieder vorbei...sofern die Antwort so'n halbes Jahr später wohl auch keiner mehr liest. ;)

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dcylsjgkh am 19.02.2018 um 14:05:08:
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C&C? Lügen & Bullshit!EA sucks
Posted by Chrissyx – 31.10.2013 – 19:25 Uhr – Kategorie: EA sucks
Nach der Einstellung des C&C F2P und Schließung von Victory Games steigt die Popcorn-Party. Ähnlich zur Einstellung von Tiberium anno 2008 rumort es ordentlich hinter den Kulissen. Offenbar ist das Statement auf der offiziellen Seite eine vorgefertigte Lüge für die Presse. Weder das Entwicklerteam ist damit einverstanden noch der Community Manager hat dies geschrieben. Dies sei totaler Bullshit, denn anders als behauptet war das Feedback aus der Alpha doch nicht der Grund, sondern firmenpolitisches Gehabe:

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure working on this game and I hope you all have enjoyed the closed alpha!

This isn't official or anything, but you probably saw that our whole team got the ax. I hope you understand that we at VG all were dedicated to making a game for all of you to play, and that the press release line was total b.s. It was NOT any feedback from the alpha that shut this project down but just petty corporate politics and shenanigans.

We were all shocked and confused to find out that our studio is closed (and that we are all out of jobs!), but I am happy to see that the game is still up and running RIGHT NOW and that a lot of people are still having fun with it. Please enjoy the live game until they figure out how to turn off the servers (it might be a while)!


Na da ist mein Weltbild doch glatt wieder in Ordnung! :uglyfinger:
Unter Weiterlesen findet ihr noch den Abschiedstext vom Community Manager.
Link zum Thema im Forum

where to start - I am actually very sad to see my favorite franchise being put to rest, especially that sudden and a game close to launching. Did we do everything right - Hell no! But we were a talented team that made a lot out of what we had. But with your help and those die-hard gamers within the studio, we were trying to influence and challenge more and more of those "given" mechanics - the status quo - to make a game that could wear the C&C badge with pride. The game wasn't there yet and it would have taken a few more month to get the basics to where they needed to be. Our future roadmap looked also much more promising - Crushing would have been added with the patch this monday together with the first part of our movement/pathfinding overhaul and we had announced Campaign Missions at GamesCom

But well, EA decided that they don't want to continue the project and there are many sides to the story of why exactly they decided to do so. I will not go into the details because i don't know all the pieces and the ones i know are not necessarily meant to be discussed on a public forum.

As most of you know, the whole team has been let go, including long-term C&C Veterans. Unfortunately i don't know what will happen to Command & Conquer. While i hope that the franchise will finally get a worthy new installment to positively overshadow C&C4 and the cancellation of this attempt, i don't think that it will happen any time soon.

I would like to thank our voluntary Moderator team, aka "Apoc's Army", as they busted their butts days and nights to keep this place a happy place. Even though they were a little bit hard on me sometimes when it came down to feedback - I will always remember the day when i told them that Generals 2 has been canceled and we are going to move to F2P - but they always showed the passion i so much love about this community. We have seen so many negatives in the last 10 years, but fans around the world came together and made fantastic maps, mods, videos, contests, art, tournaments and fansites. There is so much potential in this community and it makes me even more sad to think about what we could have been able to achieve if a new and good Command & Conquer game would have made it to the release line. Bottom line is THANK YOU for being a great Community (outside of the typical trolls you find everywhere in modern days).

You are dismissed, Commander/General!


PS: CIRE is Eric backwards - Now you know my big secret

PPS: I did not write the blog post that went up on the website - it was pre-written

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