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Autor Thema: Nude Raider - All in one ! - newest nudepatches
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Erstellt am 13. Mai 2017 06:58 (#49) PN E-Mail Zitat
Is there no way to do a nude or topless mod for "Rise of the Tomb Raider" ?

Please look here :
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Erstellt am 13. Mai 2017 19:54 (#50) PN E-Mail Zitat
Texture patches seem to be possible, as in the link you posted.
But this alone doesn't suffice. TRAOD/TRL/TRA full-nude patches look good because these 3 games didn't add any cloth-related polygons for pockets/wrinkles etc..
For TR2013 and Rise of Tomb Raider we need a mesh modification tool. And devs seem to be quite confused here, they seem to target on the awful bigfile file format, instead going for the in my opinion much easier option to manipulate mesh and texture data at runtime, developing DirectX-API-using techniques which could then be applied to many games. (See the mesh modifcation that is already applied within the UWESCU5 trainer for Tomb Raider Underworld for example, and Texmod for textures)
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ID # 1455

Erstellt am 19. Juli 2017 04:12 (#51) PN E-Mail Zitat
A new video showing the nudepatches: (slightly lower quality)
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Dipl.-Inf. Admin
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Erstellt am 08. September 2017 21:52 (#52) HP PN E-Mail Zitat
Someone send me an email with this attachment, could be useful?

Zitat von trae.arg-tests.txt:
*** To new folks, this work can optionally change Lara for an entire game, without needing to complete the game!!! ;) ***

First some Nude Raider work is needed:

"OUTDATED VERSION: (from 25. Dez 2013):
This is a nudepatch collection for: TRAOD, TRLE, TRL, TRA, TRU, and TR2013. Currently it looks like: zoom+
and can be downloaded here (Shaved_+Patch1): Part1 Part2 (extract the zips then extract the 7z 2-part-archive)"

Now, copy that NudeRaider folder, inside your new NudeRaider.7z folder, to your Anniversary folder, just to keep it handy?

Second: Copy the TRAE folder, with its subfolders, to your C: hard-drive.

* Now, just use Texmod and play as a nude or a normal Lara? *

But for a change to Anniversary outfit mods. . .
Here is the original syntax for the trae.arg file in the (Anniversary) TRAE\game\pc folder:
-PLAYER lara_wetsuit
(Obviously, this is only good for wetsuit outfit modifications.)

BTW, I had to create an unprotected copy of that trae.arg file for my tests, below.
(I renamed the original trae.arg to trae.arg.wetsuit with a new file name, but messy, yes? Or I should have simply made a new folder for it?)

*** Tests ***
-PLAYER lara_anniversary
Just crashed the game. :(

And now, edit your new trae.arg file with Notepad, or any non-syntax text editor, to:
-PLAYER lara
(BTW, this is only good for TRAE (Anniversary) outfit modifications.)

And for a Texmod test, use "Ripley's Dresses by zipper"?

*** !!! My sincere thanks to one and all !!! :) ***


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