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16.05.2022: [Updates]
11.05.2022: Scott Miller vs. George Broussard
10.05.2022: Duke Nukem Forever von 2001 geleakt!!
09.05.2022: Duke Nukem Forever von 2001 leakt
03.05.2022: [Updates]

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Übersicht von Chrissyx am 16. May 2022 19:41
Doom Eternal von Abyss_Mage am 11. May 2022 23:18
Haiduk - Diabolica [2021] von Abyss_Mage am 11. May 2022 23:09
Übersicht von Chrissyx am 03. May 2022 11:01

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Bangweihnacht, wir trinken auf euch! Nehmen die Gläser nach oben und saufen das Zeug!


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rwbj on Oct 15, 2021 at 08:56:14 PM:

Der Oberst on Oct 26, 2020 at 10:58:44 PM:
Über was für seiten man so stolpert mitten in der nacht. geile Zeitkapsel hast du hier und auch noch immer fleißig am posten der mann. weiter so

<--- on Jun 14, 2019 at 09:05:44 PM:

DeFcon 1 on Apr 11, 2019 at 01:18:56 AM:
Adam Bomb

:wall: on Jun 10, 2017 at 03:10:32 PM:

Goodbye, 3D Realms :htsys:Duke Nukem Forever
Posted by Chrissyx – 09.05.2009 – 01:48 Uhr – Kategorie: Duke Nukem Forever
Soeben auf der 3DR Seite erschienen:

Thanks for being fans and for all your support.

Ein paar ergänzende Worte von Ex-Mitarbeitern unter Weiterlesen.
Ein paar ergänzende Worte von Joe Siegler:

Uh, if there was an official thing, it would be on the site. Look there instead of asking "is there anything"

It was taken today. Most of us had spent the few hours leading up to the pictures having rather enormous beers at the Bavarian Grill in Plano TX.

When I was hired originally in 1992, one of the things on the incentive sheet was "wear what you want". The only two people who really dressed up a lot were Brian Hook & Trammell Isaac. Smile

Yeah, Steve Blackburn is the one on the far right in the front holding the dog.

Kommentar von Bryan3DR:

Kiser is actually part of the company. He is at the office more than Joe is. Smile

Been a great 15 years. Most of my best friends are in that picture there.

Darauf Joe:

Kaiser (spell right, dammit!) is alos there a lot of hours that nobody else is, because his owner has insano-backwards hours. Wink

Just to clarify my own statement.

Nothing will happen to that. While the studio has closed down, 3D Realms still exists on paper as an entity, so presumably George & Scott will still get royalties on stuff like that, but not enough money to sustain a studio. Smile

Bryan zum Thema, ob es nicht doch alles ein Gag ist:

You know if our front page, the Portfolios, the screen shots, and everyone that worked here's Linked in and Myspace page is not enough for you all not to think this is true.. Nothing will. Anyway I am going to go play on myspace with my daughter.

Joe über die Zukunft von Seite und Forum:

My last function will be to move the 3dr website and forums to a cheaper hosted server - which means things will probably be slower (as hosted/shared sites are always slower than dedicated solutions). It won't be as bad as the Max Payne days, things in general have gotten better than that. Our office internet will be reduced to a DSL, and we're pulling out of our data center, going to some hosted thing where George could update in the future if he wanted to. I'll obviously help when I can, but no, the forums and site are not planned to go away.

Zum Thema DNF Leak per Torrent:

We joked about that this afternoon. If we stuck the full DNF build with all data and everything out there, it'd probably take down every torrent in the world. Smile



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