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Willkommen bei Chrissyx Homepage Forum! Falls dies Ihr erster Besuch hier ist, lesen Sie sich bitte die Hilfe mit den häufigsten Fragen und ausführlichen Erklärungen durch! Falls Sie an den Diskussionen teilnehmen wollen, sollten Sie sich registrieren oder, falls Sie das schon getan haben, sich einloggen. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß!

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What is TBB?
How to sign up?
What are moderators?
What are administrators?
How to edit a post?
How to delete a post?
What are smilies and how to use it?
What is BBCode and how to use it?
What are the ranks?

What is TBB?
TBB is an interactive bulletin board system to manage discussions with humans all over the world in a clear and appealing way.
How to sign up?
To register, just click top (right) within the bar on "Register", enter all required information and you are ready to start. The registration ist naturally for free and has no further consequences for you.
What are moderators?
Moderators are board members able to delete and edit all posts and close, open, pin and delete all topics in their assigned forums. They are sort of a manager of a forum.
What are administrators?
Administrators are mostly the owners of the TBB and have unlimited permissions, that is they can delete/edit all posts, open/close/pin/delete all topics, edit all profiles, create new forums, appoint moderators etc.
How to edit a post?
You need to be a moderator, administrator or the author of the post to edit it. For editing just click on the edit symbol above the post. You can now change the post at will. The administrator might disabled the editing of posts in certain forums.
How to delete a post?
You need to be a moderator, administrator or the author of the post to delete it. For deleting just click on the delete symbol above the post. Next a confirmation is requested if you really want to delete the post and in that case confirm it by clicking on "Delete post". The post is then irrepealable deleted. Just like editing of posts this function might be disabled.
What are smilies and how to use it?
Smilies are normally small indications such as :-) and they conduce to express feelings. TBB offers the ability to convert smilies from text to graphics if desired. To insert smilies in your post, either just click on the designated on the left or enter them manually. Here is a list of the currently available smilies:
What is BBCode and how to use it?
BBCode is used to e.g. format a post with bold font or insert a picture without knowing (X)HTML. Here is a small choice of examples:
[b]Bolded text[/b] will become Bolded text
[i]Italicized text[/i] will become Italicized text
[u]Underlined text[/u] will become Underlined text
[s]Strikethrough text[/s] will become Strikethrough text
[url][/url] will become (http:// is optional)
[]Cool link[/url] will become Cool link (http:// is optional)
[email][/email] will become (JavaScript encrypted)
[img]templates/std/images/newreply.gif[/img] will become (URL and path is allowed)
[img=templates/std/images/newreply.gif]Hold cursor on image for displaying title[/img] will become Hold cursor on image for displaying title
[code]This is some code[/code] will become This is some code
[php]<?php echo('This is some PHP code'); //With comment ?>[/php] will become <?php echo('This is some PHP code'); //With comment ?>
[color=red]Red text[/color] will become Red text (Any HTML colors or hexcodes can be used respectively)
[center]Centered[/center] centers the text
[sup]Superscript text[/sup] will become Superscript text
[sub]Subscript text[/sub] will become Subscript text
[size=+2]Big text[/size] will become Big text
[list][*]List entry[/list] will become
  • List entry

[hide]Spoiler[/hide] will become
Hidden text:

[iframe=320,252]//[/iframe] will become
[noparse][b]Ignores[/b] all [color=red]BBCodes[/color][/noparse] will become [b]Ignores[/b] all [color=red]BBCodes[/color]

Multiple BBCodes can also be combined, e.g. [b][i]Bolded and italicized text[/i][/b] will become Bolded and italicized text.
What are the ranks?
Here is a list of the currently available ranks:
User rankMin. postsMax. postsStars
Ganz neu hier091
Lernt noch alles kennen10241
Ist öfters hier25491
Kennt sich schon aus501492
Fühlt sich wie zu Hause3004992
Hat sonst nichts zu tun5007993
Fast schon Mod80014993
Wohnt hier150024994
Super moderator--5

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