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The BPjM mod adds the "Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien" as a forth faction to C+C Generals and one can playfully pay the BPjM back for having them Generals indexed in a last-minute decision and one may be annoyed with the ridiculous Generäle.


Where to download the BPjM mod?
Currently not yet at all but once the beta stage is achieved, there is going to be a download possibility here.

What is the current status of the BPjM mod?
The modification is put on the back burner. The idea itself is ready and there were some models until hard disk crashed but it is not doable somehow or other by oneself. So if any team is interested in the idea and implementation, please get in touch!
Materials so far:

Tech treesBuildingsVehicles
Techtree der BPjM Partei
2. Techtree der BPjM Partei

Who is working on the BPjM mod?

Like I said if a modder team would like to carry it out, get in touch! More info otherwise in the forum.