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Using Shareaza the right way! Here is the ultimate guide for speed and security:

  1. Download Shareaza (V2.7.10.2)
  2. Install Shareaza and start it. Allow Shareaza full permissions regarding your firewall! Then you should see this window:
    Shareaza – Assistent Schritt 1
  3. Click on "Next" and adjust the following settings (of course the correct selection regarding your connection):
    Shareaza – Assistent Schritt 2
  4. In step 3 make these settings. If and how much you release is up to you. Think about it: Who gives nothing, also receives nothing – but who gives too much is the lawyer's favorite...
    Shareaza – Assistent Schritt 3
  5. In the next window do not by any means enter your nick! Think of an IP address as realistic as possible, which is matching your actual one quite closely. Even by having Shareaza asking you about your sparse input – whatever! One may thank money-grubbing lawyers for that.
    Shareaza – Assistent Schritt 4
  6. Make the following settings in the fifth step:
    Shareaza – Assistent Schritt 5
  7. Step 6 should look like this:
    Shareaza – Assistent Schritt 6
  8. Click on "Finish", now Shareaza is basically configured. But it is not over for a long time yet: Go to "Extras" → "My Profile...". It is important to keep changing your made up IP address once in a while! Make these settings in "Identity":
    Shareaza – Edit My Profile – Identität
  9. The remaining stuff does not matter – hit on OK and go afterwards to "Extras" → "Settings...". In "General" make these settings:
    Shareaza – Settings – Allgemein
  10. Go after that to "Library" and deactivate "Enable browsing"!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! So set up all settings as seen here:
    Shareaza – Settings – Bibliothek
  11. Now regarding "Community" I am recommending these settings:
    Shareaza – Settings – Community
  12. In "Uploads" it should look like this:
    Shareaza – Settings – Uploads
  13. Now to "Networks" – Use eDonkey in every case! If you also like to use Gnutella 1 is up to you:
    Shareaza – Settings – Netzwerke
  14. "Gnutella" should look like this:
    Shareaza – Settings – Gnutella
  15. Afterwards to "eDonkey" – if you are using XP a higher value for connections can be set:
    Shareaza – Settings – eDonkey
  16. Now a little fine tuning – go to "Advanced" and apply this setting:
    Shareaza – Settings – Erweitert
  17. Almost done! At this point you can go over the remaining unspecified options, e.g. if you would also like to use BitTorrent with Shareaza and so on. Click then on OK and as the default eDonkey server you should use this one: Razorback 2. Click the link and Shareaza should automatically ask whether to use this server. Click on "Connect" and check also "Network". With a right-click inside the console you should activate the verbose mode – if everything worked, you should see something similar to this:
    Shareaza – Netzwerk
  18. If missing, install also PeerBlock! This is also very important for your security!!!

At this point a big thanks to the guys from Ahhh Portal for their Shareaza v1 tutorial on which my one for v2 is based on!