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I hereby enjoin explicitly the usage of my personal data for any other cause than the downright necessary contacting in terms of technical, administrative, legal or other formally by myself requested cases. Especially the application for commercial purposes, like advertising, is strictly prohibited.
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How came my site into existence? What influenced me? What did I experienced during the 23 years? What shit forced me to undergo? You get to know that here:

I always missed one thing during my long lasting wanderings through the internet: A website offering everything while still being at no charge, free of ads, virus-free, without pop-ups, without spyware, without mandatory registrations, straightforward, designed simple, fast, without tracking cookies and without banners. Since I never found such a site, which really incorporated all the stuff, I decided to create my own... in the fullness of time. I considered doing this for about two years, drafted some concepts, until finally in December 2001 a very first test page was put online (over there, being nowadays hosted the portal webpage). I learned additionally HTML commands and soon enough nine pages were completed and reachable. Quite fast the 10 MB sized web space (which every customer of T-Online had available back then) was used and something larger needed to be acquired. After one month of searching I found it: Unlimited web space, up to 200 MB even free of charge and all together for some manageable monthly price. Moving was completed during February 2002, the website was reachable as of now at The next step was achieved on 06/22/2002: The version 1.0 was achieved and all pages/sections are finalized and being online. The version 2.0 was then achieved at 11/10/2002 by setting up the forum. A first "crisis" also occurred, it lasted from 12/16/2002 to 02/04/2003: During this time a subject called Mr. Ed terrorized my homepage and tried especially to take down the x-rated sections. Unsuccessfully! (can be read in the forum.)

Then the great disaster on 06/17/2003: Some individual, only calling itself "ich", has reported my site and T-Online locked down the server. The site went indeed back online since 07/01/2003, but unfortunately only in the "Lite" version. It was clear as daylight, that this situation was not feasible in the long run. Result: The site has been restored back to its original glory since end of September 2003 and was even better, thanks to massive increase in capacities. A really interesting day happend on 11/13/2003: A very first female person had appeared in the chat on my site: Jessica Baller! I hope, many more will follow. :D

There's life in the old dog yet: On 11/06/2003 Mr. Ed reported back. But this time without any Nazi airs and without intention to get the site offline. He rather tried to uncover my identity. Yet again without effect and on top of that my self-programmed IP blocker took care for keeping my site free of Ed since 12/08/2003 and beyond.

Declared dead, part 2: On 12/17/2003 "ich"'s last action had its impact: He really turned to the LKA and reported my site for dealing with child pornography. That was during summer and only now the criminal investigation department came along seizing both of my PCs (pic). Five days went by until the CID finally reported back not having found any child porn on my PCs. On the very same day I picked up my PCs and closed the site for the purpose of revision. The rework (version 2.4) went according to plan and the relaunch was scheduled the next day until the next bomb dropped on me:

Starting by September I was hosted at a new provider, Domaingate, and until November no "traffic" was recorded (for whatever reason) and therefore could not be charged. Since December the logging stated without my knowledge, i.e. I did not received any notice about active recording. Well, during January (as stated before, one day before relaunch) the measurement for December was: 940 GB!!! Yes, you read right: Nine hundred and forty gigabytes! How did they hit on it? Actually it was only 47 GB of traffic for December as evaluated by another statistic application. So, these 940 GB unfold as follows: It was determined an average transfer rate, which was extrapolated to one month, resulting in 380.51 kB each second every day. This number multiplied by 60 (minute) times 60 (hour) times 24 (day) times 31 (December): Exactly 940.592 GB. From my point of view this ain't no "traffic"! But read on: Having 50 GB inclusive (according to tariff) results in 890 GB to be payed for. Here comes the kicker: Every additionally GB, exceeding these 50 GB, costs a whopping 4.99€. Having 890 GB times 4.99€ results in a sum of 4444.04€!!! Of course unaffordable and a really mean rip-off. I then called in a lawyer who in turn set Domaingate a deadline of 01/23/2004. A phenomenal three days before the expiration of the term Domaingate finally reached out to my lawyer and withdrew the invoice "as a gesture of goodwill"!

After encountering pretty much every situation in the last two years, it became clear to me that the endeavor of running the ultimate homepage for everyone was unsustainable in the long run. It simply fails by having a site getting to popular, too many black sheep start trampling on it. Consider squealer ("ich"), envier (Mr. Ed), hacker (Undergroundler), fraudulent companies (Domaingate) or other stuff: In the end you cannot keep any site running like I tried more or less in the past years. Users can count themselves lucky having visited my old site. But anyway: The show must go on! Although the original aim is not going to be achieved, I still think my site can set itself apart from others. I hope after all... :rolleyes:

After the Domaingate rip-off was now over (image of fax), a second Domaingate crisis followed. Arising from the invoice, Domaingate stole my .de address and not being able to afford a court case there was not much I could do about. After quite a lot of back and forth the transition to .com was made. Having my site offline in the first three months of 2004, an extensive search of the whole community began to find a new provider, until a fitting one was found eventually. Since March 30th the site was finally back online at!

Afterwards things calmed down a bit. Worth mentioning is actually the 11/14/2004: On this day a spamer called "assbitchy" found my site downright worth of doing advertisement in the forum. :D Shortly after that on 12/18/2004 the very first non-german forum user arrived – efix.

By 02/22/2005 everything became truly nasty: The law firm Waldorf from Munich, known for their serial warning letters on behalf of the music industry, just warned me, too! The reason being some links to developer websites of cloning software in the download section (pic 1pic 2). The value of the property was set to 75,000€ (!!!) and to prevent legal action I am supposed to sign a declaration of discontinuance and by doing so also paying 3,980€! From my point of view a sledgehammer is taken to crack a nut and the nut has to pay for the hammer strike – the case is so unimportant, a simple email would already be more than enough. Of course it was not possible for me to raise funds and therefore I could also not sign the declaration with this addendum.

The law firm had a different view by nature: After removing the links, Waldorf kept insisting on the declaration (pic 3pic 4pic 5). So I sent them a declaration but without the monetary addendum. The case seems to be done, but think again! After four months of silence, I received a letter again on 06/13/2005. The declaration was accepted, but Waldorf still wanted the 3,980€ (pic 6pic 7pic 8).

Memorable and long sought-after: The launch of homepage version 3! It finally happend on 06/20/2005.

Waldorf continues causing trouble, especially on 06/27/2005: New they even call up and state to take court action! We'll wait and see what happens... This case to be reread in the forum.

For a change a positive thing: At 08/06/2005 the 200,000 visitors mark was hit! :)

It winded down and the year 2006 passed without any incidents. Maybe to bit to quiet, because by the end of 2005 a lack of user interaction started to arise: The forum was dead for days without any new posting. Unthinkable in the past, there was always activity for all that negative happenings. The guestbook was closed down being overrun by spambots. On 03/04/2006 the shoutbox was establishd, but rather rarely used. The impression of a slow death was given, only to be averted by a small loyal user base in the forum.

2007 was again rather in the doldrums. The law firm fortunately did not report back and the case seems to be settled. From 300 visitors daily in the past are only around 50 each day remaining. The number of news hit a low spot, partly due to the resulting demotivation, partly due to simple lack of time. The posts in the forum trickle away, a small dedicated community has formed. Despite lack of interaction and activity, progress is made on version 4 of the site and TBB2. Five years of existence shouldn't be the last ones after all...

Mind-boggling: After more than three years (!) Waldorf reported back again on 10/30/2008, rising the amount in dispute to utopian 420,000€ and demanding now a total of 3,608€ (pic 9pic 10pic 11), underpinned with all kinds of court decisions issued in the meantime (pic 12pic 13pic 14) of course only in their favor. At least by now I was forced to call in a lawyer, while Waldorf even grants a discount, with pleasure also in installments (pic 15pic 16pic 17pic 18). What a constraint: Either 2,700€ for immediate peace or 3,075€ à 200€ or rather 275€ monthly rates, otherwise are 4,436.50€ payable. As always garnished with utopian deadlines, guaranteed stomachache and bad grades while studying. Especially students are known for not knowing where to spend all their money, so it remains by yet another assurance, not being able to pay. The year 2008 ends by this and should Waldorf go to court, there is either going to be a precedent ruining my life (in a word: litigation rates) or to yield hope for many others being warned.

Version 4 is coming: After several months of work the V4 beta was launched at 02/15/2009 and superseded the V3 after more than three years. Being up-to-date in terms of technique and content, only the design was missing.

The endgame begins: Waldorf actually sued me before the municipal court of Munich on 03/12/2009! The world has never seen such a 25-sided perfidious concoction of complaint. Example: The traffic of January 2005 was equated with reaching a wide audience and fantasized about a lot of downloads, even though it happen to be only external links to said software. Also remarkable are the alleged technical problems of the law firm to obtain a court order by the municipal court of Coburg, only being denied by that! Of course my lawyer has requested the dismissal of the lawsuit.

The court had a different opinion on 06/17/2009: Neither dismissal nor limitation was accepted, instead I got a summoning for official hearing on 08/13/2009 at 10 am! At best the sum in dispute still being 420,000€ appeared slightly excessive for the court and submitted a proposal for a settlement amounting to 2,600€ as well as additional legal costs, I was meant to pay ⅔ of that amount. Waldorf disagreed with that on 06/22/2009 and requested like being at a bazaar now 2,960€ plus ¾ of the legal costs. By now it was no longer about if I have to pay anything, but how much. As a BAföG recipient it is not possible to raise either funds anyway.

Showdown on 08/07/2009: The hearing of the summoning is getting closer and a peace-offering amounting to 2,000€ was rejected before on the part of Waldorf. An offer of compromise amounting to 2,500€ on the other hand was acceptable enough and the municipal court had agreed to the payment by resolution of 08/13/2009 and forced me to bear ¾ of the legal costs, too. The amount in dispute was set to 3,608€. A filed petition for legal aid was also granted, since one's own lawyer also does not work for free. A taxation of costs decision dated 09/14/2009 amounting to 623.65€ followed up. After all the amount due sums up to 3,123.65€, but Waldorf adds insult to injury: In the context of a redemption plan dated 09/28/2009 it was scheduled to pay 250€ monthly incl. 5.12% interest rate (!) resulting in a much higher amount at the end. To prevent another legal dispute about the exaggerated interest calculation, my parents have transferred the debt due on 10/13/2009 all at once and by letter of confirmation dated 10/27/2009 the haunting was finally put to an end. What remains are 2,500€ debts, a giant pile of paper as well as the uncertainty of the legal aid to be reclaimed during the next four years.

My collaboration at Tritanium Scripts started to bear fruits and the forum was updated on 08/24/2010 with the TBB to version 1.5. It supersedes the eight year old previous version and introduced the design from TBB2 on 09/21/2010 as a new default template. A year later on 05/22/2011 the final design of version 4 of the homepage was also finished and by that as version 4.2 being even visually well equipped for the coming years. Likewise in 2011 the counter has recorded the millionth page view at 29th May!

13 years after the Domaingate incident the captivity for my .de address was over: The Swiss domain trader Martin Jindra, who got hold (intentionally?) of it, parted with it and I was able to buy it a second time. For this reason returned home after a long time and acts nowadays as a redirection, since the .com address is leading by now.

December 2021 and therefore a whopping 20 years later after the first version the anniversary was celebrated befitting one's rank. The visitor activities from back then are gone by far, Life goes on, priorities change and the homepage rather radiates nostalgia than modern spirit. So why not taking the perception of a time capsule to turn for the better? So there was a corresponding new feature after 10 years: By version 4.3 the collectibles from my archive were born as a new section and they fit thematically just perfect to the long history. But this shouldn't be the only change for the ceremony: The version 5 marked on 12/04/2022 the glorious closure along with new technical foundation and offers always a trip down memory lane thanks to selectable templates.

On 08/20/2023 at 12:44 the counter showcased a total of 6,000,000. In December 2023 the new possibilies were used by version 5.1 and an English translation was made as well as offering the design from 2005 to 2009 as template of version 3 for selection.


Did you known that...


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Version history

Version Year Main changes
0.1 2001 Unpublished, first version at all
0.2 2001 Unpublished, x-rated section
0.3 2001 Unpublished, preview section
0.5 2002 Programmed completely anew, new layout and for the first time ever being online
0.7 2002 Community and specials menu, various sections
0.8 2002 Poll, additionally sections
0.9 2002 Virus & hacking section
1.0 2002 All sections
2.0 2002 Forum TBB V1.2.3
2.1 2003 Miscellaneous code optimizations
2.2 2003 For the first time Flash inside the Kill section, code optimizations
2.4 2004 Unpublished, changeover to CSS, PHP integration and partly valid HTML
2.5 2004 Plus/minus folding navigation of the menu
2.6 2004 Newsscript
2.7 2005 News ticker
3.0 2005 New design, completely in PHP with Flash, partly valid, RSS, reams of enhancements
3.1 2005 Optimizations for alternative browsers, Flash intro
3.2 2006 Shoutbox
3.3 2008 "Real" newsscript
4.0 Beta 2009 Changeover to complete valid XHTML, CSS 3, PHP 5, some DHTML and temporary design
4.1 Beta 2010 Forum TBB V1.5
4.2 2011 Final brand-new design
4.3 2021 Collectibles section
5.0.0 2022 Complete new OO architecture, PHP 7.4, templates, UTF-8, multilingual, no Flash
5.1.0 2023 English translation, template of version 3, PHP 8.2 compatible


Traffic data

You can still find the current traffic each month here, so you know how much you're leeching! ;)
For v5 as interactive chart, since the tables and graphs were getting a bit lengthy having more than 20 years of traffic data... :ugly:

Totaling 14.82 TiB
200296.10 GiB
2003474.20 GiB
2004568.10 GiB
2005487.60 GiB
2006342.89 GiB
2007925.71 GiB
2008808.86 GiB
2009698.75 GiB
2010649.89 GiB
2011726.00 GiB
2012663.13 GiB
20132049.75 GiB
20141367.29 GiB
20151122.49 GiB
2016443.63 GiB
2017359.29 GiB
2018396.86 GiB
2019445.78 GiB
20201132.31 GiB
2021643.11 GiB
2022266.96 GiB
2023311.00 GiB
2024192.97 GiB

And no, I don't know why there was such a spike in September 2007... o.O
November 2010 only contains data since the 22nd due to the defacements.
The insane traffic starting by March 2013 is solely caused due to the release of Tomb Raider and the interest gain in NR patches.