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Alternative to BitTorrent: You can also download files with mIRC just wonderfully but no less fast! This is how it works:

  1. Download mIRC (V7.75)
  2. Install mIRC and navigate to the options.
  3. Select "DCC" and configure the following options:
    mIRC – DCC
  4. Then go to "Options" in "DCC" and make following settings:
    mIRC – DCC – Options
  5. Afterwards click on "Folders" in "DCC" and make the corresponding settings.
  6. Click then on "Ignore" in "DCC" and configure this:
    mIRC – DCC – Ignore
  7. Then navigate to "Server" in "DCC" and adjust this, too:
    mIRC – DCC – Server
  8. In case you are using mIRC for the first time check out the other configuration options and make sure that all is correct. After that call up a XDCC site, e.g. or
  9. Search for something you would like to have or click on the hit lists.
  10. If you have found something, click on the corresponding "pack" (e.g. "#1") respectively on "bot" (e.g. "vxz-beta-016").
  11. Now mIRC pops up and asks what to do. Choose "Change servers and join the channel".
  12. Now you should have joined a channel. Press now "CTRL+V" (thus paste command) and hit enter.
  13. Now a warning appears, click here on "OK". In the following dialog click again on "Accept" and the download begins!
  14. It might happen that you are added to a waiting line ("Queue") first. Just wait here until the notification from no. 13 appears. But bear in mind that in case of very long waiting times you are probably not sitting in front of the computer all the time to confirm the message from no. 13 at anytime.
    Tip: Enable in case of very long waiting times at no. 3 the option "Auto get file and" so you do not have to confirm anything once the download is ready.