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C+C: Generäle: Die Stunde Null
C+C: Generäle: Die Stunde Null
C+C: Generäle: Die Stunde Null Packshot
Developer:Electronic Arts Los Angeles
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Original title:C+C: Generals: Zero Hour
Executive Producer:Mark Skaggs
Composers:Bill Brown,
Mikael Sandgren
Rating PCG:83% (11/2003)
Newest version:1.04


Uhm? Oh, you are meaning this again:

After the USA had defeated the terrorist organization nobody knows the GLA was not for a long time yet dead. The GLA hit hard again after they settled their internal balances of power: The USA could barely hold against it. They conquered quite fast whole Europe and the USA had to retreat from Europe, taking care about their own country. Until China came to play: With nuclear force China liberated Europe from the GLA and brought back world peace. The USA had failed all along the line. :eg:


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