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ATTENTION: If you encounter a security warning, confirm it! If your firewall is having a whinge, allow it!

In case your not using a forum account, feel obligated to enter your nick: Either at the bottom right corner of the chat window or by "/nick [yournick]" command.

Have fun!

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Chat by IRC client

Enter the following data, if you want to use a native client like mIRC:

Useful commands

Some frequently used commands to copy and paste:

/msg NickServ REGISTER <passwort> <email>Register your nick by stating a password and your email address.
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <passwort>After registering, as mentioned above, you can log in on this way.
/beepDoes beep. ;)
/me slaps <nick> around a bit with a large troutJust Slap! you know. :D
/msg ChanServ IDENTIFY #chrissyx <passwort>Only for founder getting full permissions.
/msg ChanServ ACCESS #chrissyx ADD <nick> 5Only for admins granting Op permissions.
/msg ChanServ ACCESS #chrissyx DEL <nick>Only for admins revoking Op permissions.
/msg ChanServ ACCESS #chrissyx listOnly for Ops listing permissions.