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C+C: Generals
C+C: Generals
C+C: Generals Packshot
Developer:Electronic Arts Pacific
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Original title:C+C: Generals
Executive Producer:Mark Skaggs
Composers:Bill Brown,
Mikael Sandgren
Rating PCG:90% (03/2003)
85% (10/2003)
Newest version:1.08 (Generals) /
1.08 (Generäle)
Add-on:Die Stunde Null


Story? Which story? Oh, one moment, you are meaning perhaps this here:

In 2020 the terrorist organization GLA (Global Liberation Army) keeps the world on tenterhook: They fight with predominantly chemical and biological weapons against the rich states of this world. China is the first state to pick up the battle and destroys all terror cells in their own country. But this cannot stop the GLA: They are threating with B and C weapons also Europe and USA. The USA are not messing abound: After multiple battles (also in Iraq amongst others) together with China the GLA was finally defeated.


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