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C&C3 – Operation Tiberian Sun
C&C3 – Operation Tiberian Sun
C&C3 – Operation Tiberian Sun Packshot
Developer:Westwood Studios
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Original title:C&C2 – Tiberian Sun
Executive Producer:Brett W. Sperry
Composers:Frank Klepacki,
Jarrid Mendelson
Rating PCG:88% (11/1999)
Newest version:2.03


2030 – several years have passed since the first TW. The Tiberium has developed further and became a great threat. Then, on September 2, 2030, Kane suddenly reports to the GDI space station "Philadelphia" again: "It would be a sad error in judgement to mistake me for a corpse..." - in Kane's words. Multiple surprise attacks launched, the Phoenix Base was hit the most... The Second Tiberium War has just started and ended victorious for the GDI. The final battle took place in Cairo, Egypt. Kane had also his pyramid constructed there, too. Kane was apparently killed finally by McNeil (see also Firestorm).


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