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C&C: Renegade
C&C: Renegade
C&C: Renegade Packshot
Developer:Westwood Studios
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Code name:C&C Commando
Original title:C&C: Renegade
Executive Producers:Daniel Cermak,
Louis Castle
Composer:Frank Klepacki
Rating PCG:72% (03/2002)
Newest version:1.037
Newest version for the demo:1.09


During the First Tiberium War the daughter of Dr. Ignatio Mobius, Sydney, was kidnapped. The commando Nick Parker was tasked to find and rescue her. He had to overcome many hurdles, until Havoc found her. Sydney was displaced into the Temple of Nod for Tiberium experiments. After Havoc fighted through the whole Nod base, overcoming an Obelisk of Light and the Temple was hit by the Ion Cannon, Havoc could save her at the last minute.



Kuchenaxt: wird es ein Addon geben???
Markus_Schwerdtel: kuchenaxt: Addon oder CCR 2, eines von beiden sicher...

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