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You want to switch from Subversion to GitHub without missing an accurate SVN history? The GitHub importer does not suit you? There is a remedy: Your repository is migrated without information loss in a few steps – thanks to SubGit!

  1. Download SubGit and ensure you have also Java as well as Git installed.
  2. Unzip the archive, open a console and navigate into the "bin" subfolder.
  3. Type in the console and replace [SVN_URL] with the URL to your SVN repository and meinGitRepo by the name of the targeted Git repository: subgit configure [SVN_URL] ./meinGitRepo
  4. Open the authors.txt and adjust the user information. Example: meinSvnNutzer = meinGitNutzer <>
    If needed also adjust the passwd accordingly.
  5. Now initiate the actual import by the following console command (replace meinGitRepo just like before): subgit import ./meinGitRepo
  6. As soon as the import has finished, change to the new set up directory via console: cd meinGitRepo
  7. Next type in git remote add github and replace meinGitNutzer/meinGitRepo with the corresponding coordinates of your new Git repository at GitHub
  8. Afterwards enter git push github --all --follow-tags
  9. As a last step type in now git push github --tags

That's it! Your SVN repository should now be findable as a complete counterpart at GitHub! :)